Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

This summer, the monsoon rains caused unimaginable damage to life and property. The Peshawar Diocese’s rescue, relief and health teams provided all the possible help and assistance to the flood victims. Now, the most crucial phase, i.e. reconstruction and rehabilitation, needs to be started. It’s a bit lengthy process, as houses of many Christian families have been washed away, some were completely damaged, whereas, the others were partially destroyed.

In some areas, the whole infrastructure has been washed away. Many people are still living in tents, a few are residing with their relatives. Thus anxiously waiting to return, and reconstruct their lives. The Peshawar Diocese’s Development & Relief Sector has already assessed the amount of the damage done in Charsadda, Tarnab, Risalpur, Nowshera, Jehingira, Akora, Khairabad and Hassan Gari (Peshawar).

Now, the Diocese will put forth all its efforts to raise funds for the construction, reconstruction, and/or renovation of the damaged houses. It’s an uphill task. Kindly, remember us in your prayers, as prayer can move mountains.

The ‘Labour of Love’

The Diocese of Peshawar is putting all its efforts to provide relief to the flood victims, without any religious discrimination. It is a huge responsibility which needs enormous efforts and sincerity to serve the needy.

The small Diocesan Development & Relief staff is rushing from one place to other to reach the unreached. They make sure that nobody is leftout, as the affected community is scattered all over the province. It’s worth mentioning that the Diocesan team is performing this duty with much pleasure, hence, it is ‘their’ labour of love for the whole people of God.

The Diocesan team provides all kinds of goods which they need in this time of crisis, these relief packages are provided under the head of ‘Food & non-Food’ items.

The Diocese is looking forward to start the second phase of help in the near future, i.e. the Rebuilding & Rehabilitation process, which is rather more challenging and a long term project, but by the Grace of almighty God, the Diocese of Peshawar, along with the support & cooperation of its friends & partners will succeed to achieve its objectives.

New Diocesan Relief Camps

The Diocese has established 4 Relief Camps for the Christians and Hindu families, i.e. in Nowshera, Risalpur, Peshawar and Tank. The Diocese is providing shelter, beddings, food & nonfood items, plus medical care. The Diocesan Development & Relief staff visits all these camps on regular basis and makes sure all their needs are met. The Development & Relief Sector has also set
up a Supervisory Committee at the Diocesan Relief Camps and the volunteers are looking after the needs of the families in the relief camps.

The churches/parishes, institutions and different ministries of the Diocese are raising funds and providing relief items to the flood victims. Although the flood affected families are getting food and various non-food items from the Diocese and its Partners, but the major challenge is yet to be met, i.e. rehabilitation and reconstruction process for hundreds and thousands of flood affected communities in the province.

Diocesan Relief Program for Flood Victims

The Diocese of Peshawar through its Development & Relief Sector is busy in rescue and relief work for the Flood Victims in the Khyber Pakhtunkwa Province. There are about 1300 Christian families and some Hindu families as well; all are in dire need of
help. These families took refuge on the roof tops of their houses and were rescued by the Army helicopters and later shifted to the Diocesan Relief Camps at Peshawar and Nowshera.

The Bishop of Peshawar, along with the senior management of the Diocese and the Development & Relief staff visited all those
affected by the floods. Their visit was a source of encouragement and consolation for the deeply grieved and affected communities.

Khyber Pakhtunkwa Province Hard Hit

The monsoon rains have caused havoc all over Pakistan, but the Khyber Pakhtunkwa province has been hit hard by the floods. Thousands of villages are under water and hundreds of people are either dead or missing. All road links within the Province have been cut down; relief workers are trying to reach through boats or on foot. The Diocese of Peshawar has launched an emergency Relief and Rescue programme for more than 1300 Christian and Hindu families affected by the floods, including the other minorities and some Muslim church workers. A good number of Christian families have been rescued and accommodated at St. Mary’s Church & School, Risalpur and also at Christ Church & School, Nowshera. The Diocese is putting all its efforts to reach the unreached caught in the floods. The affected families are being provided with food items. Any possible help will be appreciated.