New Diocesan Relief Camps

The Diocese has established 4 Relief Camps for the Christians and Hindu families, i.e. in Nowshera, Risalpur, Peshawar and Tank. The Diocese is providing shelter, beddings, food & nonfood items, plus medical care. The Diocesan Development & Relief staff visits all these camps on regular basis and makes sure all their needs are met. The Development & Relief Sector has also set
up a Supervisory Committee at the Diocesan Relief Camps and the volunteers are looking after the needs of the families in the relief camps.

The churches/parishes, institutions and different ministries of the Diocese are raising funds and providing relief items to the flood victims. Although the flood affected families are getting food and various non-food items from the Diocese and its Partners, but the major challenge is yet to be met, i.e. rehabilitation and reconstruction process for hundreds and thousands of flood affected communities in the province.

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