Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

This summer, the monsoon rains caused unimaginable damage to life and property. The Peshawar Diocese’s rescue, relief and health teams provided all the possible help and assistance to the flood victims. Now, the most crucial phase, i.e. reconstruction and rehabilitation, needs to be started. It’s a bit lengthy process, as houses of many Christian families have been washed away, some were completely damaged, whereas, the others were partially destroyed.

In some areas, the whole infrastructure has been washed away. Many people are still living in tents, a few are residing with their relatives. Thus anxiously waiting to return, and reconstruct their lives. The Peshawar Diocese’s Development & Relief Sector has already assessed the amount of the damage done in Charsadda, Tarnab, Risalpur, Nowshera, Jehingira, Akora, Khairabad and Hassan Gari (Peshawar).

Now, the Diocese will put forth all its efforts to raise funds for the construction, reconstruction, and/or renovation of the damaged houses. It’s an uphill task. Kindly, remember us in your prayers, as prayer can move mountains.

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