What We Do

Programs and Projects in Pakistan

We support for programs and projects results in the Gospel community beginning to look more confident, dignified and attractive. New projects focus on schools, health centers, service providers and those needing new skills to improve their quality of life.


In all that we are involved, we create an atmosphere of mutual trust and relationships. We invite others into a prayer relationship. We seek reconciliation with our neighbors, being an example to those we serve.

Support and Fund Raising

Fund raising is a vital aspect of our mission. As Paul was reminded in Galatians 2 to remember the poor, Bridges exists in part to economically empower the leaders of the Church in Pakistan to respond to the needs which surround them.


We encourage and develop mutual missionaries between the dioceses, including doctors, teachers and clergy. There is follow up after a mission trip, creating sustainable forums and ongoing interaction with each other including sales back to the US.

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